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 No-Fi Soul Rebellion

No-Fi Soul Rebellion

Most recent release: "Lambs to the Slaughter" EP

Street Date: March 9, 2005
Cat. # WAN035

Mark Heimer- vocals, bass, Andrea Heimer- backing vocals, soul system

Band started in: 2001

Home Town(s): Fairbanks, AK, Missoula, MT, Bellingham, WA

Motto: Treading the thin line between invasive awkwardness
and cathartic genius.

Quotes: "This is Andrea and I am her husband Mark."

Career highlights:

  • Marrying Andrea in 2003
  • Song 'Ch*rch' played on BBC 1 Radio by John Peel

The Olden Days: Pure Gold 2001-2002 self released
The Varitable Rainbow of Song 2003 self released
Volumen/No-Fi Soul Rebellion split 7" 2004 Wantage USA
Lambs to the Slaughter EP 2005 Wantage USA

Tours: February 2003 West Coast 2 weeks, April 2003 West Coast 2 weeks
February 2004 West Coast 2 1/2 Weeks


Photos (print quality):
Press photo

Live photo 1

Cover image of Lambs to the Slaughter

Contact information: nfsr13 AT yahoo DOT com
Phone: 360-647-2366 (Wed.-Sat. 9:00 AM- Midnight PST)

(One-sheet information below)
Mark Heimer refers to his, 1, 2, 3 .. or 4-man outfit as No-Fi Soul Rebellion. This music proves that prerecorded sounds and a microphone are enough tools to rock an audience. Sure, hip-hop's known this for years, but it's taken longer for indie-rockers to get over the spectacle of not sharing their stage with a band, but having pre-recorded, original music on hand, in place of the band. No-Fi Soul Rebellion is part of a new scene of 'bands' that could tour in a Ford Escort. Live, No-Fi is a pretty Spartan affair. Heimer's wife Andrea straps on a stringless bass guitar and pushes play on the MP3 player that they've integrated into its body. The "Soul System" (for which No-Fi website features explicit "how-to" instructions) is hooked up through the PA system, so as you might imagine, sound checks are refreshingly brief. Once the music starts Mark is generally nowhere near the stage. He spends his time working the audience, at audience level. It's hard to ignore 6 feet of bespectacled, sweating Alaskan. Andrea works the Soul System and dances.

No-Fi Soul Rebellion, and bands like them (Barr from New York/L.A./Baltimore, I Hate You When You're Pregnant from Flagstaff, AZ, Tracy and The Plastics from Portland, OR are some of W?ntage USA's favorites) are interesting phenomenona. They take the best of the bedroom four-track recorder; the hyper-personal,  stream-of-consciousness, weirdo creativity and obsession that comes from making music totally alone, and combines that with the release and freedom of live performances. There is something unique and, we think, even new about this kind of music. It makes you think twice about the untapped possibilities for performance.

Seeing No-Fi Soul Rebellion is a spectacle. Mark has the ability to grab crowds by their collective.. well, he grabs them, and twists them into a frothy, dancing, (often lying on the ground and shimmying) good-time. There's little space for indifference when No-Fi Soul Rebellion plays.

Mark Heimer, the guy who is essentially No-Fi Soul Rebellion, is an interesting study. Born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska. Mark had plenty of time on his hands to perfect Jodeci's high-notes, Prince's hip-thrusts and the bass moves of Flea? In 1998 Mark moved to Missoula, Montana to attend the University of Montana. He enrolled in the Fine Arts program and graduated with a degree. Studying arts allowed Mark to figure out what he wanted to accomplish with No-Fi. It dawned on him that performance and participation could be radically changed. From that discovery grew his decision to eschew the band in favor of "the show".

The "Lambs to the Slaughter" EP is a good taste of what makes No-Fi Soul Rebellion tick. The first song, "Ch*rch" came out on a split 7" with Volumen, a Missoula new wave band, in 2003. John Peel (R.I.P.) cozied up to the song, and reviews were flattering.

Album/Band Notes:

    * No-Fi Soul Rebellion's website can be found at: http://nofisoulrebellion.com
    * No-Fi Soul Rebellion is based in Bellingham, Washington as of fall 2004, and have been playing larger west coast shows.
    * The CD comes with a Quicktime video for their song Let's Get Nasty.

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