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Euro-Smash Itinerary:
July 8 Friday - Arrive in Warsaw (PL)
July 9 Saturday - Bialystok (PL) (De Centrum Squat) Adam: (48)504075805
July 10 Sunday - DRIVE
July 11 Monday - Valka (EST)
July 12 Tuesday - Talinn (EST)  Von Krahl w. JMKE
July 13 Wednesday - Helsinki (FIN) (Vuoritalo, Jarppa Ahtiainen)   
July 14 Thursday -Tampere (FIN) "Vastavirta-Klubi", number: 358505160644
July 15 Friday - Rakvere (EST) ( w. JMKE, Villu Tamme booked)   

-Start of dates with Antimaniax-
July 16 Saturday - Cesis (LV) Fonofest (Madara Sildnika) +371 640 4910
July 17 Sunday - Vilnius (LT) Green Club (LT) Domas/Tomas
July 18 Monday -Kaunas (LT) "kreizhaus" Studentu str. 69- Juste/Bieska  (370)69956465
July 19 Tuesday - Klaipeda (LT) Club: Melnarage, (street address: Molo 60 Zydrius/Andrius         +37067290517(Andrius), +37067355612(Zydrius)
July 20 WednesdayLiepaja (LV) The Fontaine Palace,  Dzirnavu iela 4, Liepāja
    Tel.: 3420956 (City Center, on the canal)
July 21 Thursday - Riga (LV), Klubs "Depo", LV, Guntis Vanags
July 22 Friday - Kuldiga, (LV) Zabadaks, Laura Ziemele, Vijolī?u 24
July 23 Saturday - Alytus (LT) Kolonija Midsummer Camp-Darius +(370)61310045  Ewa              +37060185737
July 24  Sunday - Gdansk (PL)-Hardcore Punk Fest (w. Against Me!, Bora, etc.) Organizer:         Krolik "Rado!stacja Eklektyczna", address: ul. Do Studzienki 34a
July 25 Monday - Warsaw (PL) (Fabryka Squat) w. Antimaniax, Against Me, and Mise En Scene     Robert ([email protected]) ph. +(48)510568643    
July 26 Tuesday - Hradec Kralove/Prague/Wroclaw (CZ/PL)
July 27 Wednesday - Ostrava/Hradec Kralove (CZ)*Antimaniax return to Austria
July 28 Thursday - Krakow (PL) "Kawiarna Naukowa" -Lucjan Towpik *No Antimaniax
July 29 Friday - Depart Warsaw   

BIO (Dan Lawlor)
Don't let the name steer you away, punk! Ass-End Offend are a four-piece DIY hardcore punk troop from the small town wastelands of Northwest Montana... who knew? A state that hosts the nations biggest federal Superfund clean-up sites (Butte's Berkeley Pit and Libby's asbestos for starters) and more casino/bar/restaurants than you could fit onto the unabomber's shitlist! Razed on a scurrilous diet of 80's and more modern punk sounds, AEO throw together their own raucous mix of hardcore that has been deemed by some as "harsh", melodic at times, and "gloomy with a metallic tinge". Yep, that's what I ordered. You know you love it. With a new 5 song EP coming out, Ass-End Offend's damage report includes 3 previous 7" EP's and one full length including 2 full U.S. tours and a handful of shorter trips in the west coast region. To put it in the words of Seattle's legendary punk rock veterans the Fartz ...what's in a name?? Really, decide for yourself. Ass-End Offend will embark on a 8 week US/ European tour this summer starting late June 2005. Check 'em out. It's good medicine.

BIO, cont. (Matt Svendsen, April 2005)
"Brent has been involved in the Montana scene the longest, he was in Disgruntled Nation, who self released a ton of records and were the first MT punk band to do a US tour (that I know of). Tom was in a band in Kalispell called the Vagrants, Dan was in the Miscreants (also from kalispell), I was in The Anti Difrancos & Venal i.V. here in MIssoula. After their bands broke up they got together to start Ass-End Offend sometime in '99. In the spring of 2001 they recorded the material that was released in 2002 as 'Becoming Our Destruction' EP and the split EP with The Anti Difrancos. The Anti Difrancos played a lot of shows with Ass-End Offend before I joined, including a west coast tour and a later trip to seattle. The Anti Difrancos quit when our drummer moved to south Korea to teach English. So I was suckered into playing with AEO sometime in 2002 and we soon released another EP "Welcome to the Discomfort Zone". Tom and Dan moved to Missoula, and Brent is still in Kalispell (this has always made practicing interesting).

That winter '02 we did another west coast tour and froze our asses off. There was a layer of ice on the floor of the Suburban and we got stuck in some bad snow storms. We somehow made it through that tour and went on to do a full US tour the summer of '03. We got to play so many fun shows and meet and stay with really fun people. We played in NYC and stayed with our friend at the C squat. total culture shock for all of us. We broke down in the middle of nowhere (Brownsville,TN) and had to get the transmission rebuilt, but managed to finish the tour. The next spring (2004) we drove down to SF and recorded with Tim Green for our release with wantage records "Character Assassins". Did another US summer tour to support that, managed to make it without breaking down again. All the previous releases were released under my DIY label 'Poisoned Candy Records'. I also released a compilation CD of old and new montana punk rock called "Welcome to Montana...Come die with us". I've always thought that the demos that these bands only made a few copies of should have been heard by everyone. most of these great recordings are sitting in their basements rotting. ...to move on, Brent has been running a website "www.mtpunk.com" which has played a major role in keeping the montana scene organized. Two of us our parents- Brent has a 12 year old daughter, and I have an 8 year old daughter. That has always made things interesting, especially when we have to tour!"

Reviews for Character Assassins

Slug and Lettuce #82
Ass-End Offend "Character Assassins" CD Sometimes you hear a record that makes you want to invent adjectives, because the record is good, but good in new ways (so new adjectives would seem fitting, wouldn't they?). Montana's Ass-End Offend have been at it for years, and their first LP is the perfect realization of all their efforts. It just works. Equal parts east bay hardcore (a la FILTH, EL DOPA, ECHONOCHRIST), modern heaviness, and 80's midwestern hardcore (a notable comparison primarily because Ass-End Offend fall into NONE of the typical punk trappings) fused together with dark ominous passages that imply a secret goth past. The lyrical assault is just as poignant as the music, especially on songs like "Becoming Our Destruction" and "Production Rats" songs which perfectly describe the frustration of the modern human existence...even the words to "Skateboarding Is Not a Sport" come off bleak. While the recording is solid and full, "Character Assassins" relies on WHAT is recorded, rather than HOW it is recorded (translation: the record fucking rocks ass, instead of just being "heavy" as the result of budget adn a well-honed engineer). 12 tracks of fantastic bombastic fury, and "Permanent Sick Leave" is the kind of song that makes me glad I'm still punk (well, I'm always glady, but you know what I mean) I wholeheartedly endorse this band, and I know this record by heart.... More please.
(Robert) (Wantage USA..)

From Salt Lake UnderGround, March 2005
Ass-End Offend "Character Assassins"
Poisoned Candy/Wantage USA
AEO= Nerve Agents + F-Minus (their first record)
These Montana boys are a refreshing surprise. So much hardcore punk has been done over and over again, but A.E.O. put their own spins on the classic formulas to create a ruthless punk rock record. The usual lyrics about shitty jobs and teenage disgust are done with great perspective. The arrangement and production may be a little sloppy, but work great with wha  this band is all about. You have to give these guys credit for just being from Missoula, Mont., and creating a good punk record. I've been to Missoula and trust me, these guys pulling this off is just short of a miracle. Whatever lame excuse you have for not putting out your record, it can't be a hard to overcome as living in Montana. -James Orme


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