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 Last of the Juanitas

Last of the Juanitas
Newest release: "In the Dirt" CD

Street Date: March 9, 2005
Catalog # WAN 036

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Last of the Juanitas' BIO

Lana Rebel-Bass, vocals. John Schier--Drums.  Bryan Giles--Guitar, vocals.  David Sullivan--Guitar.

Band started:



Career Highlights:

Split 12" w/Shitbastard (Culture Value Records '96), Dragon Lady/Pretty Princess 7" (Flapping Jet Records); Brangus LP (Flapping Jet); Hawaii LP (Flapping Jet); The Jay/Blues on Planet Mars 7" (Wantage Records); Time's Up LP (Wantage); In the Dirt (Wantage '05)

: Really too many to remember. Circled the country lots of times. Toured with The Fucking Champs, Drunk Horse, Rocket From the Crypt, Skull Control, The Slaves, Excelsior, RPG, Stinking lizavetta, Pork Torta, Tourettes Lautrec, The Reeks and the Wrecks, Shortwave Channel, The Young People, and who knows who else??

Skyscraper interview, 2003.

Other affiliations: Bryan plays in Party Time, and was a founding member of the Juanita Family. David Sullivan is in Party Time, and was in the Mercury Birds and Shiny Beast (has of course played with the Juanita Family). Johhny is playing in a group called Crown Motel. Lana, still at it with the Juanita Family
Previous bands played in/contributed to:
Hometown(s):Lana and Bryan grew up in Tucson, Arizona. Johnny grew up in Cabazon, CA. David is from North Carolina. I believe he's from Greensboro

Contact: Lana 503-413-0509 lastofthejuanitas AT hotmail DOT com

(In the Dirt one-sheet)

Last of the Juanitas are a band from the future, transplanted to provide the sound track to what might be coming?if we're not careful. The music is a powerful amalgam of metal, engineering schematics, and jazz fusion, held together with the sort of power upon which very few bands can draw.

"In the Dirt" marks Last of the Juanitas' most recent in a string of colossal albums. Originally from Tucson, Arizona where they split an LP with another desert based group called "Shitbastard" (which featured Flagstaff, AZ's Casebeer brothers, later of Stab City Slit Wrists notoriety), the band moved to San Diego and recorded a record called "Brangus" featuring Drive Like Jehu/Hot Snakes Rick Froberg. After moving to Portland, Oregon and recorded an album called simply "Hawaii", they debuted on W?ntage with "the Jay" single and shortly after that, a record called "Time's Up". However, it's "In the Dirt" that most closely resembles their size and power in the live setting. Mike Lastra, legendary Portland-area sound wizard took care of engineering this beautiful record and we are proud to add it in our catalog.

Last of the Juanitas' current operational status is unknown. It's our hope that reactions to "In the Dirt" drive them out of hiding to long-awaited touring. Likely, a Spring 2005 west coast tour will result.

Juanitas' Bassist Lana Rebel is currently touring the country in support of an excellent album by her Juanita Family and Friends, (a twangy original country outfit to which we heartily give thumbs up). Drummer Johnny Schier studied drums with John Zorn in New York, before returning to the west. Guitar player Maurice "Bryan" Giles put together a short-lived power rock outfit called Party Time. Party time lit up the west for about a year before ending things. Bryan's returned to San Diego.

This record clocks in at just about 25 minutes in length, saying and doing roughly twice as much as records twice its length. The Juanitas are masters of economy, able to do more as a four-piece than many full orchestras. Give this a good listen and let us know what you think.

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