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Friday and Saturday, July 7 and 8, 5:00 PM sharp, Record Swap 12PM-2PM Saturday, July 8 Big Dipper Parking Lot

What: Total Fest V 2006: Over 40 bands from all over the USA and Montana, all-ages, all-eclectic (electronic, punk, noise, country, metal, hip-hop represented)

Where: Missoula, Montana.

Western Montana Fairgrounds, the Llama Barn
+ Record Swap: Saturday, July 8(12:00 PM to 2:00 PM) Big Dipper Ice Cream parking lot on S. Higgins Ave.
-Discounted presale two day passes cost $35 (less than a buck a band!) : Student Rate- High School and middle school kids get a two day pass for $25 providing they show a valid high school or middle school ID card. Kids under ten are free! Night-of tickets are $20 a night. Presale tickets are available from Ear candy Music (624 S. Higgins)

-For more information, music, photos, to contact bands, etc. visit www.myspace.com/TOTALFEST or contact: Niki Payton (niki DOT cdbrecords AT gmail DOT com) or Josh Vanek(wantageusa AT yahoo DOT com)

This summer brings Total Fest number 5 and it aspires to be bigger and better than ever with a new and larger venue, more bands, and five years of experience under the organizers belts! What hasn't changed is Total Fest's commitment to bringing together a diverse group of incredible bands and supporters for two days of (loud, quiet, melodic, atonal and interesting) music, conversation, swimming, hiking and barbecues. All this transpires in the Rock and Roll, Swimming, Hiking and Barbecue Capitol of the West; Missoula, Montana. Total Fest is proof that creative music and 'do it yourself' ideals are alive and thriving in a time of network television sponsored monoculture-rock. Total Fest has no spectators, only volunteers, musicians and supporters!

Missoula is a place that's renowned for the genuine and warm reception touring musicians receive. Maintaining that well-deserved reputation is the number one priority for Total Fest's organizers. Bands are paid 100% of the net receipts (after expenses) and activities including barbecues, and a day at the river are planned to bring everyone together to appreciate each other and Montana. Total Fest organizers are community volunteers who begin the planning process mid-winter every year, and are involved because of love fort the community and interest in ensuring independent music's continued importance to our lives here. Total Fest always proves to be a unique and pleasurable auditory explosion as each band plays (maximum) 30 minute long sets. Two stages are set up across from each other to eliminate set up time so bands can play one after the next with few interruptions. You are likely to hear country twang, followed by metal, followed by upbeat melodies, followed by undecipherable noise-rock, etc. Most likely attendees will hear a lot of sounds they love and a few sounds they never thought could be created by humans. And the Big Dipper will host the Total Fest family style Saturday Matinee and Record Swap, which starts at noon. This year's bands include returning favorites and many new surprises. There will be bands from all over the United States, as well as a mixture of Missoula's top-shelf acts.

Total Fest Sponsors:
Knuckleheads Barbeque, Edge of The World, Carlo's One Night Stand, Altered Skin, Bettie's Divine, Walking Stick Toys, Westside Lanes, The Rhino, KBGA, Ear Candy Music, The Big Dipper, Nature Boy, Kinkos, Le Petite Outre, and Pabst Blue Ribbon.
Total Fest 2006 Roster
1.    The Bugs (Portland, OR)
2.    Bacon and Egg (Missoula) *3rd Total Fest appearance
3.    Black Elk (Portland, OR)
4.    Book of Maps (Portland, OR)
5.    Everybody's Debby (Bellingham, WA)
6.    JETOMI (Flagstaff, AZ)
7.    Le Force (Salt Lake City, UT) *4th Total Fest
8.    Lopez (Portland, OR)
9.    Mico de Noche (Bremerton, WA) *4th Total Fest
10.    Mountain High (Philadelphia, PA)
11.    Nocturnal Emission (Missoula, MT)
12.    No-Fi Soul Rebellion (Bellingham, WA)
13.    Oblio Joes (Missoula, MT) *4th Total Fest
14.    Poor School (Missoula, MT)
15.    Sorcery Bird (Oakland, CA)
16.    The Lights (Seattle, WA) *4th Total Fest
17.    The Narrows (Seattle, WA) *4th Total Fest
18.    Toys that Kill (San Pedro, CA) *3rd Total Fest
19.    Two Year Touqe (Missoula, MT)
20.    Volumen (Missoula, MT) *5th Total Fest
21.    Lozen (Tacoma, WA)
22.    Reptile Dysfunction (Missoula, MT)
23.    The Bananas (Sacramento, CA)
24.    Interfuse (Akron, Ohio)
25.    Pure Country Gold (Portland, OR)
26.    Riddilin Que (Missoula, MT)
27.    The Limbs (Denver, CO)
28.    Swarm Robbery (Olympia, WA)
29.    Flaccid Wolf (Bellingham, WA)
30.    Razz M'Tazz (Missoula, MT)
31.    Adventure (Olympia, WA)
32.    Dead Eye (NYC)
33.    Duel (Missoula, MT)
34.    JC Auto (Bozeman, MT)
35.    Ex-Cocaine (Missoula, MT)
36.    The Yakima Nation (Brooklyn, NY)
37.    Bl├Â├ÂdHag (Seattle, WA)
38.    The Valley (Seattle, WA)
39.    Moto Photos (Boise, ID)
40.    Young n' Natural
41.    Warmer Milks (Lexington, Kentucky)
42.    Portals (Portland, OR)
43.     Vile Blue Shades (Salt Lake City, UT)

Toys That Kill (San Pedro, CA)
No-Fi Soul Rebellion (Bellingham, WA)
Lopez (Portland,OR/Wenatchee, WA)
Everybody's Debbie (Bellingham, WA)
Volumen (Missoula, MT)


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