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Seattle, Washington

West Coast Tour Dates:
Nov 10, San Francisc Hemlock Tavern w/ Brother JT   
Nov 11, Los Angeles (Glendale): @ Scene Bar w/ Bipolar Bear
Nov 12, San Dieg Zombie Lounge w/ Underground Train to Candyland
Nov 13, Los Angeles: @ Il Coral w/ the Pope 
Nov 14, San Luis Obisp Two Dogs Cafe w/ Elle Moss
Nov 15, San Jose: House show @ Todd Flanagan's  w/ Glass Museum   
Nov 16, Sacrament @ Marilyn's 
Nov 17, Eugene: Venue TBA w/ Rye Wolves, Old Howl and Smash   
Nov 18, Portland: Ash Street - w/Turn-Ons, Charmparticles, Delano

Personnel (names, instruments): Jeff Albertson (bass/vocals), PJ
Rogalski (drums), Craig Chambers (guitar/vocals).

Band started: 199?-2000?

Mottos: "F*ck it, let's do this sh*t."

Nicknames: Craig: "Latte"  or "Chalmbers". Jeff: "Jefro" or "Car Wash."
PJ: "Urban Rubble."

Quotes: (none submitted)

Career Highlights: Record release show for both Beautiful Bird and
Diamonds and Dirt. Packed clubs, so many friends, fans, way too much beer,
drugs and sweat, multiple encores, rowdy fans screaming as loud as we
could play.

First couple of shows in Missoula, specifically the infamous show in
which Craig played the whole set with his nut sack dangling free.

Worst Show Ever: "Opening for Pinback. A sold-out all-ages show at the
Showbox. Pinback did not speak one word to us and made sure we were not
allowed in the backstage rooms. The middle "band" was pair of dudes
with laptops. The crowd, who'd paid $15 to see Pinback, moved less than
statues during our set, then sat on the floor during the laptop duo."
Discography (name, format, label, year):
The Lights' debut EP, CD, self-released. 2002(?)
Beautiful Bird, full-length CD, Boptart Records, 2003.
Wood+Wire EP, CD, Child-Star Records, 2005.
Suge Knight Sweetheart/New Shoes 7", Child-Star Records, 2005.
Diamonds and Dirt, full-length CD, WANTAGE USA, 2006.
Diamonds and Dirt, full-length LP, The Swingline Records, 2006.

CDR/Tape Releases: (none submitted)

Tours: CMJ music festival 2000. Austin's SXSW (winner's of the
Strangers "best band in Seattle" contest) 2004. West-Coast tour 2004. Many
northwest tours.

KEXP 90.3 FM review of 'Beautiful Bird', August 2003
I'm pretty sure local band The Lights new release coming out on Bop
Tart is so good that a new form of religion may be centered around its
existence. It has the songs that were on the ep but that was a warm up to
the religion of "The Lights". Sort of like a sign that something is
going to happen. Lyrics that seem so simple come out in this complicated
mess of a voice that can only be compared as something between Mark E
Smith and Black Francis (and I mean "complicated mess" in the best form
of the phrase.) The fractured rock backing this insanity is perfect.

I picture them in some weird black and white video and none of them are
facing each other. They all have their backs to each other while the
singer isn't even in the room. Hell, he might be outside in the yard
singing. That's how it looks, that's how it sounds. This needs to be
released soon. "You take away my hands but you must leave me my face". I love
it. You'll love it. It could be the local release of the year.

"We're out drinking, we're out smoking, if this is living, well you got
to be joking". Totally. - John Richards, KEXP DJ.

Hometown(s): Jeff Albertson (Lewiston, Idaho), PJ Rogalski (Pullman,
WA) Craig Chambers (Pullman, WA)

Other affiliations: PJ Rogalski plays percussion in the Unnatural
Helpers. Craig Chambers plays guitar in Pyramids.

Other and Previous bands: Unnatural Helpers, Pyramids, WolfCougar.

Contact: The Lights: the_lights_rock AT hotmail DOT com www.myspace.com/lights

Websites: thelightsrock.com (painfully out of date)


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