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(Places right foot on soapbox, follows with left). Wantage endorses things like free music and realizes it's nice to sample before committing to a purchase. Likewise we're not so naive to think that the total ubiquity of computers and increasingly decent bandwidth is going to do anything but make it easier to get music freely and/or cheaply. That's freedom in action! At the same time, nothing happens without a cost. Specifically: independent labels and bands spend a lot of money to pay for good recordings and touring often means financial losses for bands and labels. If you like this stuff, and agree with the do-it-yourself principles, please pick a couple of ways to support these bands (e.g. go to their shows, pay at the door, let them stay at your house, cook them a meal, etc.) and labels (e.g. buy releases from them and tell your friends). Thanks for supporting independent music and spending your money thoughtfully and being conscientious. Free for you probably came with a cost to somebody else.

 Drunk Horse [Adult Situations on Tee Pee]

National Lust
MP3s from Drunk Horse's most recent LP, Adult Situations on Tee Pee
 Early Humans [S/T]

Paging Asshole
Pylons for Emergency Powers
 Federation X's 2005 record "Rally Day"

Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Bullshit
Link to the Federation X MP3 page, with two free MP3s from their new, bitching, record.
 Federation X's awesome Estrus debut American Folk Horror

The Hatchetman
Song About The Sweet Lovin' Woman
 Last of the Juanitas [Brangus LP]

released by Flapping Jet
My Hands Are Snakes
released by Flapping Jet

Half Half & Half
Oxxxes - [Monitor]
And Giraffe Natural Enemies
Oxes - [Monitor]
Oxes/Big'n Split CDEP - by Oxes/Big'n
 the Lights

the Lights "Setting Sun"
"Setting Sun" is an exclusive new track from the Lights newest CD, Diamonds and Dirt. CDs carry the Wantage monkeys logo on their back panels, while the LPs will be on bitching Seattle label the Swingline, both will hit the music "marts" and "discoterias" on September 15, 2006.
"Suge Knight Superstar"
An exclusive live track from the Lights latest EP, Wood and Wire, released in 2005 by Childstar. The song's namesake is the thug hip hop icon Suge ("shoog") Knight. God knows why.
 The Pope

mystery song from "Sports"
Bydgoszcz. Siauliai. Liepaja. Wuerzburg. These are the places the Pope plays.
 Volumen "Science Faction"

MP3 of Descolada from Volumen "Science Faction" CD
 Volumen [Cries From Space]

Sexy Astronaut
Type O Girl


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