Wantage USA


Revolver USA
One of Wäntage USA's primary domestic partners.
Disc Union
Wäntage USA's Japanese Distributor
The artists formerly known as "Carrot Top" distribute Wantage domestically.
All That Is Heavy
Idaho Stonerrock.com affiliated online power-shop
No Idea Distribution
Floridians, from the Southeastern conference, carry many Wantage titles.

Heavy new wave band. Science Faction and Cries From Space, and two 7"s are all available in the catalog!
Drunk Horse
Oakland's Allman Brothers.
Federation X
Baltimore! Dead link.
Fireballs of Freedom
The Ballz and their dastardly deeds, done if you need them done, with sub-dirt cheapness. This site's their myspace.com deal and is kept much fresher than the other'n.
Early Humans (mp3s)
Early Humans: all the chops of Heroin, some of the jerkiness of Nation of Ulysses and dagg if I don't revisit their EP about once a month or so.
Ass-End Offend
Flathead/Missoula Lake-Core Dark Lords
Missoula Gal-Stomp Outfit. Now remarkably melodic!
No-Fi Soul Rebellion
Mark and Andrea's Luv Child.
the Narrows
Great band. No internet pres.
Oblio Joes
Missoula melody kings, dagg do they make me weep with joy.
Le Force
Wasatch Front Mettallic Bros who handle the classical assault with wild dexterity. Their enhanced, Tim Green-engineered second record, Le Fortress, is available in the catalog now! Do yourself a favor, BYU freshman, order it.
Two earnest do-what-you-feel punks, one of them my brother Ian. While other Pratt Alumni are making coffee in ad agencies, these gents are out making their public art and music any place that will have them. It's a joyful ruckus!
The International Playboys
ZZ Top worship from the City of Brotherly Gardens. RIP!
The Pope
My Space page for "Papierz", as they are known in their native Bydgoszcz. Their music is a pretty solid ruckus for a couple of diminutive pretzel bakers.
Total Fest
Total Fest was Wantage's annual family reunion and three stage show. Alums include: Mountain High, Big Business, The Fucking Champs, Drunk Horse, the Narrows, Volumen, Ass-End Offend, Squalora, Le Force
Bacon and Egg
Missoula's church metal hip-hop rummage sale! Hottt.
Big Business
Jared (Whip, Karp, Tight Bros) and Coady (Broadcast Oblivion, Murder City Devils) new outfit.
Juanita Family
Just about the most awesome country outfit you'll ever lay eyes and ears uponst. Who'd've known that Lana Rebel had this much twang?
the Lights
Freaking LIGHTS! Just when you were happy resting on your rock and roll laurels, up walked Latte, Carwash and Gunny and helped you re-unthink your rock and roll paradigm, man. See also Factums and some other things.
The StNNng
Ex-Wickitran rockers, who mine the classic midwestern dude-core of yore. Wicked album art, wicked music, and wicked bros.
the Bugs
Paul and Mike's, the Bugs, new record is available free for download here. Beautiful!
Portland Brentless Ass-End Offend.
Red Fang
Red Fang is Bryan and David (from Last of the Juanitas) and John Sherman (from Party Time, Mercury Birds) new group. They sound halfway between Slayer and Sleep.
Volumen's official "fuck you" to itunes, it's damn near everything these insane-os have ever put to tape, hard drive or otherwise is available here for nickels on the dollar. I guess all you need is a badass programmer in your band, and the world becomes your oyster.
Total Fest Blog
Sick of Myspace's horrendous gifs and wack functionality? Longing for a semi-static website where you can just read some stuff? Well, look no further!
Miss Lana Rebel
Real deal Western style music that doesn't need any goddamn qualifiers. Sad, authentic and pretty as a prairie brush fire at twilight.
Red Fang
Portland thugs with a long-ass CV, that we think most notably contains Last of the Juanitas, Shiny Beast and Trumans Water. Sounds like a more metal, drunk Black Flag.
Vile Blue Shades
Utah ne'er do-wells who play wild, unhinged dance music.
KARP (Documentary)
Bill FedX's years in the making documentary about Karp, entitled: Kill All Redneck Pricks: KARP Lives! 1990-1998, lives on the internet right here!
 Endorsed, totally non-affiliated music

Sublime Frequencies (label)
Exploring indigenous psychadelia! The label that released Bush Taxi Mali, Radio India, etc.
Konono No. 1
Nothing short of Congolese equivalent of Lightning Bolt, or Friends Forever. They carved microphones out of wood, and made their PA themselves, from scratch with recycled batteries. Just when you were getting all culturally superior, these dudes showed up and out-freaked our best. And they've been doing it for 25 years.
Supergirl and Romantic Boys
Beautiful electronic pop/dance/casio music from Poland. Retroactive, but endearing and unaffected.
Stupendous Ukrainian pop group.
If Society
Jussi from Hero Dishonest's bitching label. All sorts of excellent media are featured herein.
 Friendly Labels

Estrus Records
Estrus is what America was.
Tapes Records
Paradoxically named home to Japanther, 25 Suaves, Bent Outa Shape, XBXRX, Federation X, Black Dice and other, awesome business. Ian's taste is spot on.
Load Records
Yo, so I totally sewed crazy macrame'd orange doilies on each of my shoulders and made a ski mask with a phone mic in the mouth area.
Pool Or Pond
Oaklander, and onetime Bellinghammer's label and distro, which features tons of great releases (good clearing house for NW Washington's finest), info and more!
Plan-It X Records
Chris Clavin's record label. Philosophically Plan-it X is similar to W?ntage, and Ghost Mice, his band, are powerfully earnest, fun and unaffected.
Poisoned Candy
Home of the Welcome To Montana comp, some great Ass-End Offend material, Matt's solo project, the Antidifrancos, Venal IV, and more.
Hot Dog City Records
Rod Excelsior's Philly-based label. See also Mountain High.
Middle atlanticism, sweet catalog. Especially, recently, Cough by the Blackeyes.
Kill Shaman
the Pope's label, offering mucho sweeto stuffo.

Killertree Records
Poor School, Ex-Cocaine, Clutter, Universal Indian and who-knows-what-else: Bryan Ramirez's full on record label. Hott.
Holy Cobra Society
The label responsible for the awesome Omega Cinco/Niebuhr split 10", the Cherry Valence 7", and tons more. Viva Cobras, chupacabras y Ethpanya.
Altin Village
Dresden's home to Altin Village, who organize shows, release music (Falcon Five, Japanther, Good Good, Parts and Labor, Bollo, Dragon Rapide, Murdock). So read Slachthaus 5 and get ahold of Marcel and Olli.
Todd FYP/Toys that Kill's label, and it rips! Everything from the Dwarves back catalog, FYP, TTK, Sharkpants.. It runs deep in Pedro.
Disc Union
Disc Union carries Wantage titles in Japan!
 Friends of Wantage USA

Yalestar.com: Your distributor of Shits and Giggles for he Rocky Mountain Region
Yale chronicles his, well, whatever it is he does. Also features media reviews, photos of places like Telluride, an amazing piece by Sara Schmid that's archived, and a fuggin' ton more.
Tornis NGO- Latvian Independent music support organization
Nekac - Latvian 'non-commercial culture support organization'
Killertree Records
Ex-Cocaine's/Poor School's baddass label.
A Myspace Page for Wantage USA
Hey-hup, here's out mypace.com page. Viva Australian Neocons and their charming brood.
Montana Punk
Flathead Valley Bro/Ass-End Guitarorrist: Brent Schultz is the father of this awesome and exhaustive 'resource' type site.
Dead Angel
An Austin, Tejas based electronic fanzine that Neddal Ayad frequently (Newfoudlander, muscian and culture conniseur) contributes to.
Big Dipper Ice Cream
Missoula's most punk rock ice cream experience. Charlie Beaton's the man, and nobody scoops or manages like Bryan Hickey.
Astarna Web Design
Hank 'Two Monitor' Donovan and his wife's rad web design business. They will connect you with solutions, solve those solutions and then link your solutions to other solutions. If you let them.
Dewar Design Screenprinting
Tom Dewar, master of the squeegee's rad business. Put this guy to work for all your shirt, poster, record sleeve needs. He's printed all but two Total Fest Posters, both the Federation X and Narrows sleeves, DMBQ posters, Lights posters, Volumen posters and lots more.
Pitchfork Article/Interview on Scott Jernigan's death.
Dave McGurgan's website
Dave, former pilot behind one of my favorite all time zines, Yakuza, from Delaware, keeps it fresh with this compendium of trivia type site. Oh, e-kultur!
Olympian Shadow Farm
OSF is "a collective of bands with a like-minded ethos, plus we have 7 weekly columnists and a whole bunch of interactive pages like haiku reviews, an improved dictionary, and all sorts of irreverence... almost 200 pages of fun lurking all over the place."
Stoner Rock
An ambitious site dedicated to a large swath of what we dig so much here. Any place with a banner advertisement for the Dove album is okay with Wantage! Not just for stoners!
KBGA Missoula's College Radio Station
This station is the one spot for probably 800 miles where you might be able to hear Ghost album sides on a Monday night. Their shit is totally together.
Odyssey Zine
Phil Hunt (the creative Fargonian behind Yahtzeen) has this new deal, wherein I think he reviews both music and video games! Check on his Odyssey radio deal.
Violent Hippy Records
Don's (from Mico De Noche/Migas) bitching record label. In addition to playing in two blasting outfits, he's organized the first Duofest and is working on a pretty mean set of beer gutters. The site's got an archive of their trip to Total Fest 2004-
Perverted Son Records
Austin, Tejas-based silk-screenin', rock and rollin label/co-op outfit that you might remember from such groups as Zulu as Kono, Mico De Noche, Migas, Oh Beast, Gorch Frock, Brown Whornet, etc. etc.
Conspiracy Distribution
Hey Belgians, put down your waffles, ales and chocolate and stop by to say hey to Joris. He'll hook you up w. tight rock in style.
Sugar and Spice
A thorough French distributor who carries Wantage records via Revolver.
Robot House
Are you kidding? Flagstaff rules, it's got bands liek th Ponies, I Hate You When You're Pregnant, Stab City, Jetomi, a website like this, and it hosted the Folf World Cup a couple years ago. Ray Stab City made and maintains this great site.
Den dobry, drugy moje. Who knew Wantage stuff got distributed in the Czech Republic? Viva Ceska Republika i do videnja.
Revolver USA
Revolver is the biggest US distributor of Wantage productos.
Pistol Swing website
A thorough-ass clearinghouse of all sorts of bands, many of them the kind that really get us stoked.
STNT Music Website, based in France
Vive la France, hommes.
Our teutonic bro, Armin, over in the DDR. His is the best label/distro Germany's got.
La Rebelion de los Antioxidantes
Un punk rock radio show de Espanya, un pais over en Europa, donde ellos vivan un broadcastan.
Teenage Kicks
Dave McGurgan, a Delaware-ian, friend and longtime inspiration for Wantage drives this awesome John Peel archive site. Worth an extreme lot of your time.
Fortune Cookie Prize
One of the Wantage southern brethren's blog. Kurt's got good taste, runs the Wantage myspace page and will tell you about Ornette Coleman.
Parade of Flesh
John's sweet site with videos of some of our favorite bands, including Oxes, Big Business, Brian Jonestown and lots of other indie rock esoterica.
Mark Sundeen: Raconteur
Great God Pan contributor and Making of Toro/Car Camping author's website. Keep fresh on this adventurer's doings, friend. We do.
Pete and Gabe Yellow Swans sonic/visual blowout collectictive! Watch out for seizures-causing flash media.
Yellow Swans
Ayurvedic annihilation/regeneration themes from two friendly Portlanders, who happen to travel with copies of the Congotronics DVD! Look for some collaborative business w. Ex-Cocaine.
Estonia's best punks.
Inokentijs Marpls
Latvia's forefathers!
Young Latvian heavy, instrumental bros.
Toys that Kill
Pedro bros who convene melodic, fast and punk in ways that few successfully do.
Diane Kamikaze on WFMU
Diane's played the Lights, Squalora, the Pope, the Narrows and all of it among her standard Amon Amarth/Slayer/Fall assault.
Russel Daniels
Our bro Russell's a talent guy, whether it's behind the lense of a camera, or wailing our plaintive balads. He took the photos of our t-shirts, and does great artwork too!
Hellride Music
An online locus for all things underground and heavy! Great reviews section, and a excellent area to peel back the layers of the underground and get turned onto new sounds.
Terminal Boredom
Great online zine and message board that focuses on outsider/weirdo music. Lots of it from the In the Red sort of family of garagers, but much of it just straight up underground. Lots of smart folks pass time electronically with this deal here.


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